Ying Yang Double Eye

Ying Yang Double Eye

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 These fibers are extremely strong and gives the fabric a spongy feel.The new and popular fabric is all the rage this year.  


Yang is the expansive side of the yin-yang pair. It relates to thought, focused intention, and higher wisdom.

Yin the the contractive side of the yin-yang pair. It relates to gathering, sustaining with energy for growth, and love.

Yin & Yang bracelets represent two opposing yet complementary forces. It is therefore a symbol of harmony and balance. Yin & Yang bracelets represent the two parts of a single whole and cannot exist without each other

Adjustable Bracelet 
• A GREAT GIFT - Give this Bracelet to yourself or a loved one on any special occasion or holiday such as Christmas, Easter, birthdays or anniversaries. Know that this Bracelet  will be used and cherished for years to come.
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